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What is franchising?

When you trust a ready-business model, you minimize several times the possibility for a failure, as at the same time you save enormous funds – from interior design, products or brand materials.

The most important thing which you receive is the tutoring. Trainings and seminars, which the successful business firms run, increase the competence of your team and help you apply practices, which have been already proven.

Why chose SILA BG?

Shortly, because we are the best! SILA BG is the largest distributor and provider of food supplements and fitness accessories of the Balkans. The company is established in the year of 2007, and since then is engaged only with food supplements selling, products for athletes, accessories, clothes for fitness and martial arts.

In present, SILA BG is an owner of exclusive rights for selling of above 13 000 products from 300 worldwide top brands in the branch, among which: Amix, Biotech USA, Brutal Nutrition, Mex, Everbuild, 4D Nutrition, Nutricore, Protein. Buzz and many others.

The company has an e-shop and 6 shops in Bulgaria:

Sofia - Georgi S. Rakovski str., 176
Sofia – Akad. Stephan Mladenov str. ,10
Sofia – Queen Ioanna blv., 49
Varna – Liuben Karavelov str., 21
Burgas – Aleko Bogoridi blv., 45
Plovdiv – 6-th of September blv., 154
Ruse - Aleksandrovska str. 26

Our shops are opened 7 days per week and 365 days of the year. Specially tutored consultants are ready to answer all of your questions right on place, as well as on the Internet and through the phone. All of our shops work progressive in order to answer all 600 customers daily.

SILA BG media is an online portal for everything that is essential for the food supplement and healthy living world. The content of the media is refreshing daily and includes news from the world of fitness, specified interviews and articles about healthy living.

What do we offer you?

In partnership with SILA BG you will receive:

  • Very well-known brand;
  • Successful business model;
  • Work with leading worldwide food supplement brands;
  • Experience with proven professionals;
  • Long-term contract for a partnership;
  • Easily specified business procedures;
  • Effective system for trading and distribution;*
  • Tutoring for you and your employees.

*Bonus to buying franchise is the promoting in many and different online and offlline advertising ways of the company.

What do we expect from you??

The most important thing we insist on, is the motivation! We are looking for creative people, who will help us making the clients health an common cause and together, to contribute developing one big business project!

Contact us today if you want to make your dream come true!

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